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Title: In the Light of Morning
Song: "Love Remains the Same" - Gavin Rossdale
Characters/Pairing: Lincoln/Veronica
Genre: Pre-series, Gen, Drabble
Author's Notes: Crafted using the music meme.

Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending
Too much time, too long defending
You and I are done pretending

Lincoln liked to wake up early whenever she slept over.

It gave him a chance to watch her before she woke, to see her—what was the saying? “warts and all?”—without her noticing his stare and changing her behavior as she often did, so subtly altering the way she sat, took a sip of coffee, bit into a pancake.

Here, she just was.

One hand on her chest, the other flung over her head; fine shadow of dark hair along her underarm where she hadn’t shaved; mouth parted slightly, letting out a soft snore—that she would vehemently deny when she woke up.

And the sunlight came through the broken blinds, the gap in the curtain, and lit up all of the little distinctive features of her face—what she would call imperfections—the soft lines under her eyes; the freckle just under her chin; the pale, downy hair along her jaw line; the ghost of a scar on her lower lip.

He had them all memorized.


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