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Characters/Pairing: Sylar/Mohinder
Rating: Mature
Notes: The 10-50 Meme: Pick a fandom. (Pick a pairing or character set, if you like.) Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 50 words or less.

1. First Time

There is no shy façade this time. No nervous apologies. No Zane.

Just lips and cruel tongue and teeth, steady hands, the whisper of telekinesis over his too sensitive skin, the press of heat inside him.

A rough voice demanding he, “Just say it.”

And his own crying out, “Sylar!”

2. Fluff (5 Years Gone Timeline)

Wrenching in his chair, Mohinder gapes at the president as the morning newscaster announces the gay marriage bill’s passing.

Right now, he looks like Nathan, but the eyes—glittering, sharp—are all Sylar.


“I meant what I said.” Sylar grins, places the ring box on Mohinder’s thigh.

3. Hurt/Comfort

Mohinder sleeps fitfully, fighting drug induced nightmarish visions, remnants of his stay in Building 26.

(That building, Sylar ensured, is now little more than ashes.)

Sylar curls against him on the worn hotel bed, presses fingertips to Mohinder’s temple, focuses on the unspooling warmth of his recently acquired healing ability.

4. UST

Mohinder looks ready to bolt when Sylar steps close.


“You gave me the wrong room key.”

Mohinder chuckles as they make the trade. The laughter stutters to a halt as Sylar brushes then lightly captures the tips of Mohinder’s fingers, feeling a near electric charge.

“Sweet dreams, Mohinder.”

5. Crossover (Heroes/Weiss Kreuz)

“A child did this?” Mohinder watches Sylar realign his broken limbs.

“Not just a child. A creepy Village of the Damned looking school boy with telekinesis.” Crackle-snap of a femur. “Very well controlled telekinesis.”

“Did you get a name?”

“The man with him—the pre-cog, I’m guessing—called him ‘Prodigy.’”

6. Smut (Can be read as a follow up to “Fluff.”)

The gold band on Mohinder’s left hand glitters as he presses his palms to the headboard.

He shudders, closes his eyes as a hand lights on his upper thigh, ghosts over the cleft of his ass.

“That makes what, baby? Six orgasms today,” Sylar says. “Want to try for seven?”

7. AU

Mohinder lowers the gun and stares into Sylar’s surprised, fixed eyes; blood trickles between his brows; flowing from the single, perfect wound right where the ajna chakra sits.

And Mohinder marvels at how a man’s life can change in the blink of an eye.

Or the pull of a trigger.

8. Angst

“Sorry.” Matt shuts the bathroom door, tries to shut out the pained flurry of Mohinder’s thoughts. Shower damp and shirtless, he’d been examining a fresh looking scar between his shoulder blades.

The calligraphic swirls crafting the fleshy “S” of the scar spoke not of an accident but an intentional branding.


“You asked for this.”

Sylar strains against the bonds. “Didn’t know you’d be so into it.” He unravels one with a thought and then Mohinder’s on him, snapping teeth so hard against his throat he feels blood trickle.

No powers,” Mohinder says, “remember? You wanted to play…so let me play.”

10. Wing Fic

“Well, that—that’s rather unexpected.”

“Mohinder, has anyone ever told you you’re the master of understatement?”

“Don’t get grouchy with me. This isn’t my fault. If you’d been more patient—“

“Then you wouldn’t have a new power to study, now would you? God these things itch. …Mohinder? Stop laughing.”

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